iYogaBody winter 2017/2018 fashion collection. Perfect yoga leggings at last.

You can never have to many leggings. Period. Fashion was part of my life years before I learned about yoga .. Nothing changed since .. Every day, after preparation for my classes and just before I dive into yoga teaching and sharing my humble knowledge I’m carefully plan my outfit. Yoga is my Life and Fashion is always was my Passion. Yoga

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Yoga Beginners. 8 Things you need to know before your class.

Wellcome to Yoga. Yoga doesn’t care what your hair looks like or if you’re vegetarian or what your fitness level. That been said, nothing should be a hindrance in your practice. Keep your hair (and your clothes) tidy and your mind open plus 8 other things: Be prepared: Do yoga on empty stomach, a full stomach will only hinder your practice; in order to

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Sunrise Yoga. Starting Monday Yogic Way

Why it is totally make sense to wake up before Sunrise and do Yoga? Okay. First of all, it’s about discipline and devotion. Getting up early is not as challenging as we might think. It brings you back in tune with the natural rhythms of the sun and moon. Get into flow before the sunrise is a traditional time of yoga practice.When you

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