8 Things you need to know before your first class:

1. Be prepared: Do yoga on empty stomach, a full stomach will only hinder your practice; in order to twist and flow into the poses your stomach can't be digesting anything heavy. Try to eat 2 hours before the practice but if this is not possible have a banana or a little snack no less than 30 min before the class.

2. Arrive early: Arriving 10 min before the start in case if there's any paperwork to fill in or if you have a few questions to ask, as well as giving you a chance to set up for the practice.

3. What to bring?: All yoga mats and props are provided.

4. Be bare and comfortable: You don't need socks or gloves for yoga. Practicing barefoot will fully connect your feet to the mat and earth,ensuring better balance and strength.

5. Yoga gear: Wear comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movements but not too baggy, so I can see and correct your alignmnet if needed.

6. Be organised: All classes book up quickly, so to ensure the place book in advance.

7. Be positive: Give yourself an opportunity to be a real beginner! Keep a 'beginner's mind' with no preconceived idea about what you can or can't do. Keeping a positive outlook and leaving your expectations at the door will give the best experience ever!