From my humble teaching experience and constant observation of my students, there are mainly 4 things I would like them to avoid:

  1. Holding your breath

Yoga is breath led, if you are holding your breath or going red in the face you’ve gone too far! Link your body movement to your breath flow.

Generally inhaling as you reach up and exhaling as you move more deeply into the stretch.

Struggling to breathe during a pose is a sign that you’re in it too deeply for your fitness level or flexibility.

2. Ignoring your body

It seems obvious, right? But it’s easy to be out of touch with your body and not listening to subtle signals – this approach will lead to injury

If it hurts, don’t do it! A good yoga teacher will encourage you to adapt the pose so that it works for you.

3.  Compare yourself to others

We are all unique. So stay that way! Don’t compare yourself to the person next to you. We all bring our years of physical and mental conditioning to the mat. Take your journey and be proud of what your body can achieve.

4. Getting frustrated

Leave your ego out of the room. Practice with curiosity and good humor.


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