Can’t touch your toes? What Yoga beginners should never say at Yoga.

This is what new yogis should never say at Yoga class and why..

“Yoga? I can’t even touch my toes”

After so many years of hearing this, I’m still sorting out the best way to respond..Focus on the yoga journey in every pose, enjoy the process and your progress rather than focusing on your limits. Beauty of yoga is that it gives us a space to challenge assumptions about ourselves.

“I’m no good.”

No yoga students should feel the need to say these words to disclaimer their practice, as if lacking strength or flexibility gave them less entitlement to be here, on the yoga mat. That’s why you’re here. Thats why you are call ‘ yoga beginner’. So begin: relax your shoulders, follow instructions and stay present.

“I can’t do such-and-such posture.”

Just because your Yoga pose doesn’t look like ‘his’ or ‘hers’ doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it. In yoga there is no “doing” there is only “trying.” The trying is the doing! Your body benefits therapeutically when you try the right way to the best of your ability. Who cares how you look? It is how you feel matters.

“I’m sorry.” 

About performance.. Yoga isn’t about doing 110% and it’s more important to focus on your body and where you’re at TODAY, and sometimes that means doing less or taking breaks, whether that’s every class or once in a blue moon.

Never feel like your teacher or other students are discounting you because you didn’t hold the pose long enough, fall over a lot, or can’t touch your toes. You didn’t come to yoga to compete or prove your “yoga worth”. You came to free your body and mind. Learn to be thankful for your practice instead of self conscious or sorry.

Ask yourself if yoga has enhanced your life. If the answer is ‘yes’, then forget all the rest!

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  1. Gary and Yvonne
    14 hours ago

    This is definitely true; we thought we would struggle but we are quickly getting into poses that we thought impossible.

  2. Ann Cole
    14 hours ago

    Love my yoga. Just want to be the best I can be. Xx

  3. John Withers
    5 hours ago



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