Thursday Class

  • Weekly 7.15pm – 8.15 pm
  • General beginner’s class
  • £8.00
Tatiana Newton

Tatiana is Iyengar Yoga trained instructor and founder of Iyogabody Ltd. With a background in gymnastics and dance it was logical step for Tatiana to start a yoga journey and become a teacher after she moved to North East 15 years ago. Her classes are based in the lovely studio in North Shields and in the summer she teaches beach yoga in Tynemouth Longsands.

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  1. Emma Henderson
    8 hours ago

    Hiya, I am interested in starting your Thursday night class. I have been advised to do yoga. I have a bad back and hip and need a lot of stretching. If I paid up front is there a discounted rate?

    1. Tatiana Newton
      2 hours ago

      Hi Emma, you are welcome to join my Thursday class. it is pay as you go or block booking but no discount apply. hope this helps. kind regards, Tatiana

  2. Suzanne
    1 hour ago

    Hi I was wondering if you had space in your 7:15 class tonight? I am a total beginner.

  3. Lisa Bell
    10 hours ago

    Hi – I am interested in attending the class tomorrow (Thursday 11th). Do I need to book or shall I just turn up?



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