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Backbend worksop. The Art of opening your Heart.

Backbend to Bliss


Back bending has an amazing uplifting effect on us – mentally, physically and emotionally. That is why it gets so loud and chatty in my classes if I teach the backbends. Everyone has a story to tell (on the midst of the teaching!) And it’s an amazing energy which I am, as a teacher proud of.  That being said, as well as the rising of energy, backbends can often bring out some strong emotions. Tears. It happened to me. A lot. It’s a healing process.

For info about backbends benefits see here: https://iyogabody.com/why-practice-backbends/


People often associate back bending with flexibility in general and in lower back in particularly.  This is not entirely true. Theres is upper, middle and lower back, mobilising and opening the shoulders to take on consideration.  As well establishing feet, legs and hips alignment  to open the whole spine and support us in back bends.


In this 90 minutes workshop you’ll learn how to use and integrate your muscles to keep you safe and strong in backbends. Starting with simple actions, we’ll teach you the important but usually overlooked details on how to access the upper back and how to open the front of the body with care. Then we’ll build on these basics to take you deeper into your backbends with the help of the  props and assistance if needed.


Who for?

Whatever your level of mobility or experience, this workshop will give you a strong foundation from which to explore backbends safely and confidently. Remember, You are only as young as your spine is flexible.

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Time 8.30-10.00 am

Investment £20

Reservations are in order of actual payment.

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 Tatiana Newton

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