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Feet Up Fit. Headstand workshop.

Upside down fun.

Fun and safety! At workshop we using yoga prop ‘FeetUp trainer’ or simply ‘yoga stool’. No weight is placed on the head when using a FeetUp stool, it is evenly distributes across the shoulders. This means that pressure is taken off the neck, and the spine is stretched. The hands can be placed onto the handlebars witch helps with balance. With time and enough experience you can progress to releasing the hands, moving the legs, shifting the weight etc. This makes inversions accessible to any yoga practitioner.

Physical benefits of FeetUpFit workshop:

  • accessible for total beginners
  • variations of movement makes it challenging for experienced yoga students
  • strengthen the upper body, shoulders and core
  • ability to hold headstand for longer
  • absolutely no pressure on the neck and spine
  • It will deepen your regular practice, due to deeper accessibility of variations.

Read more about Headstand benefits here: https://iyogabody.com/incredible-health-benefits-of-headstand/

Psychological benefits of FeetUpFit workshop:

  • after this workshop you will have all the confidence in the world in both your body, your mind and the FeetUp.
  • you will learn you how to be creative, mindful and playful in a safe way
  • mind calming effect of being upsidedown

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 Tatiana Newton

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