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Restorative yoga workshop.

Restoring Balance Through Yoga Workshop.

A google search of “how to find balance in your life” brings about 11,100,000 results. And yet we still have trouble finding it. So I have decided to start series of ‘self focused‘, ‘soul healing‘, ‘slow down‘ and ‘stress melting‘ workshops, to help you and me to find the inner balance.

Restorative poses are poses of being rather than doing and will help you to relieve the effects of fatigue, chronic stress. This is active rest with focus on deep relaxation. In this workshop we will use mountains of  props (bolsters, blocks, blankets) to find the most nurturing variations of postures.

We will focus on:

  • Gently mobilise areas of tension in the body such as hips and lower back; or shoulders and upper back
  • Practice supported poses when the body can release and let go,
  • Leaning how to create space in the tight areas of the body
  • Detoxifying twists
  • Calming forward bends
  • 4 stages of Pranayama, art of breathing techniques
  • Healing Matra (sound)
  • Guided Visualisation ( to bring a sense of receptivity and connection)
  • Full Relaxation (meditation in action)

Who’s it for?
Restorative Yoga is accessible to all and everyone with or without Yoga experience. This is a slow practice with a restricted number of students, allowing individual attention and tailoring of props to suit everyone’s body shape.

What To Bring
Bolster, blanket, eye mask, water and yourself!

Comfortable, none restrictive gym/fitness clothes.

A truly nourishing and therapeutic Yoga practice, leaving you in a quiet state of serene alertness as you leave the studio ready to enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon.


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 Tatiana Newton

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