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Wheel Yoga Flow. Backbend, Core & Arms workshop.

Yoga Wheel Flow workshop is final here. 

In addition to the typical props in iYogaBody studio (Thanks to https://www.yogamatters.com  all this years) such as:

.It has been specifically designed to align the spine, open the chest, relax the back muscles, stretch the hip flexors, and offer support during your practice in so many other ways. It can also be used in a wide range of poses, from the splits to the heroes pose, headstand, shoulder stand, bridge, wheel…the list can go on and on.

Yoga Wheel Flow workshop was designed to help you to turn not-so-zen wobbling and frustrating balancing act in to relaxing practice by learning some tips and tricks of the free flow.

Benefits of Yoga Wheel Flow:
– Stretching and bending body and spine, with this props you can potentially increase the flow of energy and blood as you open up and breathe through the channels of the body.- Yoga Wheel is revolutionary support that helps everyone who feels stagnant and tension in the upper part of the spine.
– Yoga wheel is recommended for people who are trying to develop their own bending back practice. In a very simple way you can reach stiff (some times neglected) places in the body as chest and joints.

Useful info:

Only 6 spaces available.  All props provided. If have your own Yoga Wheel you can book your space via https://iyogabody.com/contact/
Investment £20
Reservations are in order of actual payment.

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