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Yoga as a Therapy for Back Problems. Back Care Workshop.

This 2 hours workshop designed and is recommended for those who suffers from any form of back pain, or experience limited mobility and tightness in the lower back or spine. 

80% of people are suffering from back pain at some point in their life, often debilitating pain, but most problems are undiagnosed, self-diagnosed, and it can be chronic. So what do you do?

To maintain a healthy back, you will need to educate yourself and take action.

You’ll learn and practice yoga postures, breathing techniques to:

  • Understand causes of back pain
  • Identify and address any muscle imbalances
  • Learn how poor posture contribute to back pain
  • Improve and maintain good posture
  • Learn simple poses and exercises to strengthen and stretch your back
  • Increase your spine’s stability, mobility and flexibility
  • Strengthen your core and other supporting muscles

Useful information:

Investment £20

Reservations are in order of actual payment.



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 NE29 0AE
 Tatiana Newton

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