Every Body is a Yoga Body. 

I am, the founder of iYogaBody didn’t just come up with the company’s name for nothing. I meant it.

My message is simple and clear: If you have a body – you have a yoga body.

No matter what size, gender identity, age, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or your fitness level. Period.

Yoga is not all about … let me rephrase it.. Yoga is not at all about arm and head balances and crazy contortion poses. Yoga is bigger than that, its about body, mind and spirit.

We all have image and psychological representation of ourselves. Some healthy and some negative, influenced by day to day interactions with family, loved ones and of course the Media. It tells us that how we look is the most important aspects of ourselves.

sort of… You are good enough (almost)..

It seems, this days (with yoga very much in vogue) is how world works; you have to be thin and young, trying every diet under the sun to be beautiful and loved. So much so that bizarrely ‘you can never be too thin or to rich’ became a modern world mantra. This philosophy leading us to believe that we will never be quite enough

We need to change that idea and connect more to how we feel about ourselves and about others. Yoga does that if we open our mind and let it.

so… You are good enough (really!)

Self-esteem and feel good inside factor needs to be based less on what you look like and more what you feel like. Stay healthy, go outside, run, train, cycle, meet friends, practice yoga. Remember you have talents, opinions, courage, deep traditional values (or not.. and thats perfectly fine too) in life and positive personality. Don’t afraid being vulnerable – your most authentic self.

Healthy body  and positive mind is what important most to create a positive body image and get your confidence. So focus on that. Everything else will fall in place, at the right time, in a right place, with the right people.

‘I am beautiful’ is your new mantra from now on.


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