Yoga Girl. Get to know her better in 22 seconds.

Yoga girl come from love.

Sure, these are all yoga girl stereotypes, but there is way more to a yoga girl than yoga pants and headstands.

Yoga girl..

  1.  isn’t perfect and she doesn’t care.
    The girl who is addicted to yoga knows that nothing and no-one is perfect! She doesn’t deal with people who don’t make her happy,and works on herself if she’s not happy about herself.
  2. doesn’t do drama.
    She is too focused on accepting others for who they are than dwelling on the past.
  3.  laid back.
    A girl who does yoga quite literally goes with the flow and flexible when things change…even for the worse.
  4. isn’t afraid to be different.
    She doesn’t have ‘fear of missing out’ and is fully OK with a night in her PJs, watching hate-to-love “Made in Chelsea”.
  5. been through something.
    She knows what it’s like to be in a difficult place and there is no end to her compassion care for people.
  6. friends don’t suck.
    She surrounds herself with people who lift her up, love her unconditionally and don’t create drama. Plus, cool friends mean lots of fun!
  7. won’t become obsessed with you.
    She knows the importance of balance. She cares about you, and she is excited to hear about your day, but you not taking 90% of her mind.
  8. will never settle.
    She knows what it’s like to be entirely, soul-wrenchingly passionate about something. She’s deeply understands that when you truly love something  it takes your breath away.
  9. got the moves
    Yoga Body… and a yoga butt!
  10. spontaneous.
    She’s the kind of girl who’s as methodical as she’s spontaneous. She can take off  to New York to just to ‘think it through’ or Ibiza to “practice it through”. She understands that happiness comes first, just before work, obligations and stress.
  11. ethical as it comes.
    You will never have to worry about her sneaking around, being rude or lying about how she feels. In fact she is transparent and beautifully naive.
  12. Tough Cookie.
    Ever heard of Chaturanga? If you think plank is hard, try holding Chaturanga  for 2 minute and then we’ll talk.
  13. Smart.
    She is in tune with the body and aligned in her mind. She knows how “sore” feels like it’s nobody’s business.
  14. loves a good food.
    Yoga Girl understands the true meaning of “strong not skinny”! She isn’t afraid to eat more than just a starter during Dinner.
  15. loooooves music!
    She likes really kick-ass song in the middle of a really kick-ass class or powering up through 10 min headstand to Eminem (well, only the latest tracks).
  16. not a quitter!
    ..and very Patient. She knows that all good in life take work and relationships (and yoga poses) are not something that can be great without consistency and effort.
  17. Smile 
    That being said,she’s is not easily entertained. You must be fun(ny) to keep her smiling.
  18. independent.
    She knows that happiness comes from within and she’s cool with spending time by herself.
  19. laughs at herself .
    She doesn’t take Herself, You or the World, too seriously. Refreshing, don’t you think?
  20. live in the moment.
    “Yoga teaches us to live in the present moment. The only place where life exists.”
  21.  thoughtful
    … and caring too.
  22. actually knows what NAMASTÈ means

There you have it.. anything to add?

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