Most challenging Yoga pose: Savasana (Relaxation)

Relax, nothing is under control..

Savasana (Relaxation) – pose at the end of any yoga classes, looks like a sleeping pose however this is not the pose you fall asleep in.

It is very simple therefor accessible to everyone yoga pose. Yet.. It’s the most difficult yoga pose to master and consequently needs a lot of concentration on each part of the body.
It’s normal for the mind to try to resist deep relaxation which makes Savasana is the ultimate act of conscious surrender which takes practice and patience.

Patience is a key of Savasana benefits:

    The body holds stress in the form of muscle contraction, or tension. Whether the source is emotional, intellectual, or physical, the result is the same. So first step is relax your body and mind and release tension.
    Allow your mind to take a break from planning the future or reviewing the past. Surrender to the present moment. Be here, now!
    Daily life is filled with so much busy-ness that it’s easy to forget what peace feels like. Savasana is your invitation to slow down and be peaceful.
    Breathing is something we easily take for granted so take a chance to notice how effortless and delicious each breath is.
    Coming out of Savasana feels like coming back to life – breath become deeper and more meaningful, make you realize how good it feels to be alive.

Remember, not hurry your way through Savasana and take your time within the pose to settle the body and the fluctuations of the mind. Just as importantly, be gentle with yourself when you’re getting out of it.



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