Releasing Old Emotions Through Hip Openers!

The remarkable link between tight hips and your emotions.

Have you ever felt the need to burst into tears in the middle of a yoga class? If so, it’s likely that the class included hip opening poses.

The hips are the body’s stabilisers and In yogic tradition, it is believed that we store a lot of negative emotions, sad memories, financial fears, relationship woes, and family issues and feelings in our hips. Some may refer to these emotions as being “stuck” or “trapped” in the body.

By practicing hip openers, we allow these suppressed emotions to come to the surface and release fully that which no longer serves us: anxiety, fear, depression and sadness.  And that means more energy and space to grow and flourish into our best selves.
So.. Are you ready to confront your ‘unhappy self’?
Great! Then join me on the mat and we going so take it one step at the time…

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