Sunrise yoga. 10 reasons why You should be doing Yoga 1st thing in the morning.

Why it is totally make sense to wake up before Sunrise and do Yoga?

Okay. First of all, it’s about discipline and devotion. Getting up early is not as challenging as we might think. It brings you back in tune with the natural rhythms of the sun and moon. Get into flow before the sunrise is a traditional time of yoga practice.When you practice before sunrise, you get rid of your karma. The frequency is so different during the early morning hours.

Did you ever get up before sunrise? Do you remember the calmness and clarity and peace of the early morning? It’s not just because there are no sounds. It’s because there are no thoughts. Just You and the Breath..

There are so many wonderful reasons for early yoga practice:

A guaranteed good mood

Yoga naturally gives you a great mental flush and serotonin boost; taking class in the morning allows you to keep those happy brain chemicals humming all day long.

Morning stretching prevents injuries and aches throughout the day.

Yoga lengthens and stretches our tight bodies, preparing us for all movement throughout the day. For those of us that sit at a desk, yoga poses in the morning counter those hours we spend sedentary. Yoga increases spinal flexibility and encourages better posture.

Jump start your metabolism

After yoga Sunrise flow (its really is like a “work out” in our case)  you’ll naturally want to fuel your body with healthy foods. and you will naturally continue to crave healthier foods.

“Me time”

The beautiful thing about taking the early morning yoga class is you have 60 minutes entirely to yourself. This alone time can help you to ground, clear your mind, connect with your spirituality, and maintaine healthy independence.

Set new yogic discipline

Morning classes ensure that you’ll get your daily yoga dose and generally means less traffic to deal with on your way to and from class! especially if morning classes is the only class you can fit it in your weekly schedule.

Getting in tune with natural rhythms

A regular yoga practice generally helps most people sleep well. Couple the benefits of your yoga practice with being up early in the morning, you’re garuneteed to a restful night of sleep.

Keep your glass half full.

Buddha remarked on the enormous impact of perspective on human psychology when he said, “life is a creation of the mind.” Meaning, that what we see in our lives has a lot to do with how we see it.

So, what will you see on the morning of Sunrise yoga? This… shine and rise before sunrise, meeting like minded people, take on spiritual and physical practice, bring the flow to your body and stillness to your mind and get in tune with your higher self … show is that for a glass full?


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