The Importance of Balance in Yoga

Balance. Body. Mind.

Some yoga students find it hard to maintain balance on the mat. Balancing poses are challenging because we must hold them while supporting our own body weight. Seem like a lot of effort but what an amazing Body-Mind benefits and a sense of achievement at the end! Join us for Secret of Balance workshop to experience yourself:

The physical benefits:

strength, stability, coordination and improved posture. Balance asanas helps in relieving stress and reducing inner tension. Also, they improve focus, concentration and memory.

Brain benefits:

The high levels of inner concentration required in yoga balance postures makes them some of the most meditative poses to practice. We’re so busy focusing on not falling that there’s no space left for unnecessary thoughts! The deep inner focus required for balance has been shown to cause changes in brainwaves, shifting the brain into a more tranquil state.

The technical name for our sense of balance is called “Equilibrioception” and it involves five processes, that must work in harmony for us to keep our balance:

  • Your Inner Ear – The inner ear is also known as the vestibular system. Movement of fluid in the inner ear tells the brain where the head is located in relation to the rest of the body. It also communicates the speed of movement related to the head.
  • Your Eyesight – The body uses vision as an anchor for determining where you are in relation to the rest of the world.
  • Your Central Nervous System (CNS) – The Central Nervous System consists of the spinal cord and the brain. It connects all areas of the body to the brain via a system of nerves. The central nervous system is responsible for almost everything we do; from something as simple as breathing to something complex, like solving a math problem.
  • Your Breath & Breathing – In order for the body to stay balanced it must “centered”. Deep breathing and relaxed diaphragm muscles will help the body relax, become more centered and that helps maintain balance.
  • Your Muscles – In order to establish and maintain balance your muscles must be strong enough to support our body weight. It is also important that the body does not favour or use one set of muscles over another set. This can negatively affect both posture and balance.

4 Helpful Tips for Improving Balance While Practicing Yoga…

  1.  Remain in Conscious Control of Your Breathing – While holding a pose be sure to keep the breathing long, light and steady plus keep the body relaxed, especially the diaphragm region.
  2. Focus Your Eyes On a Point – find a stationary spot in the room to fix your eyes to. This orients your body giving it a visual anchor.
  3.  Concentrate on the Area Demanding the Most Strength – Feel all the minute adjustments that must be made every millisecond you remain in this pose. Keep your mind focused on this area but relax.
  4. Don’t Try To Hard – The key here is to relax and to trust your body. Trust in the process.


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