Truth about Fruits and Berries. Frozen vs Fresh.

Nutrition of frozen fruits and vegetables is impressive.

They are packed with:

  • fiber,
  • phenolic compounds (good sources of antioxidants)
  • minerals like: calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium etc

The good news is that there’s no significant differences between the fresh and frozen varieties.

Apart of nutrition,  buying frozen fruits and vegetables foods is one the convenient and often inexpensive way to incorporate 5 a Day into your diet, specially within the winter months. I keep my freezer stocked with a spectrum of frozen fruits, and use them in a variety of ways: adding frozen fruit to smoothies, protein or milk shakes, or as a topping for oatmeal.

Make your berry desert in 2 min: bowl of de-frosted berries, topped with sunflower seeds and cinnamon with added 1-2 table spoons of natural 0% fat yogurt. Delicious!

That being said, before picking up a bag of frozen fruit, read the label to ensure the fruit has no added sugars. Many frozen fruit products contain refined sugar for added sweetness. The added sweetness comes at a price in terms of calories, as 1 tsp. of sugar has about 16 calories. Apply sugar awareness to your weekly shopping if you leading a healthy and clean eating life.

Clean body, clear mind!



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