Why do we practice yoga?

Yoga’s in vogue lately ( who doesn’t know that?!) and really we can’t just rub cold shoulder to a trend which is around for more then…5, 000 years!

Here’s only a few reasons (from the top of my head) why you should give it a go:

  1. To stay young we must twist
    How many of us complain / talk about back problems? even when we pain free we still talk about it. It’s almost like we miss it and one day you reach for a coffee cup on the top shelf and there it is – Pulled muscle. Ouch! Are we getting old? Yes. Do we have to feel like we do? No really.
    Just few gentle stretches and deeper ones at yoga class will put your body back in balance in no time ( 6 weeks in average)
  2. To get Yoga fit Body
    Most of us would go to the gym killing yourself with the intense training in order reduce waistline but that is not only the option you have ..Yoga can help take care of all your weight-related concerns. But dedication is the must. Like in everything else.
    Surya Namaskar or SunSalutation (as we know it) is a flow of different yoga poses which work on the core muscles of your body –is a complete body workout and a few quick rounds ( 108 is ultimate number) every day would not only leave you fresh and energetic but also help you lose an inch or two.
  3. For calm mins and sharp decisions.
    A hasty decision may lead to undesired results. Some decisions require you to sit, or stand on your head, lengthen your breathe out (remember that ‘count to 10’ self calming trick) to think and re-strategize yourself. Yoga practices help you become a wiser and calmer person. You become capable of taking the right call at the right time.
  4. For unity and love.
    Times are only getting busier, yet yoga can become ‘our thing’ for the family or couple. Pick a day, find the class ( like iYogaBody), buy ‘His’ and ‘Her’s’ yoga mat and make it happen. Couples who yoga together stays together! It can be a fun idea to nurture good values in your kids as well as a brilliant way for everyone to keep fit . Who doesn’t like to see a healthy family after all?
  5. For Healthy new You
    Regular yoga practice helps release stress and toxins deeply stored in the system letting you look forward to a younger-looking healthy body, good skin, natural glow, a peaceful mind and a dominating positive attitude. Ah and another thing – yoga is a real libido booster too.
  6. For deep sleep.
    Relaxation at the end of every class is most difficult pose to master and it teaches your how to relax by being aware of every part of your being. This technique will help you to talk yourself to sleep and will only improve it with the time and commitment you give yourself.

And there you have it.

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