Yoga the best exercise in the world. Period.

Why? Mainly because you listen to your body and get a full range of movement and its benefits.
If your focus is on:

  • cardio – move faster and flow in and out Sun salutation
  •  strength – drop to chaturanga, hold the plank and push up to downward dog
  • weight loss – twist, revolve and twist some more, while seating, standing or lying down.
  • mind – invert! Change your perspective and re-set your mind, mood and attitude with Headstand!
  • relaxation -then go ahead and do that – lying down or seating crossed legs.

Yoga gives you what you need, if only you are able to recognise that fact and make your practice what YOU want.

In essence, yoga allows you to use your own body weight as a strength builder. Find your own limits and gently test them over and over. The limits will change over time, with a consistent practice of at least 1 class a week.

If practice at home – 3 short sessions a week would be better than just one long session. So roll out your mat somewhere peaceful when you have 15 minutes to spare and flow.
Your body, and mind will thank you with a glow like none other.

Namaste, yogis!

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