Yoga for confidence and mental strength.

Yoga demands a great deal of both physical and mental strength, confidence and flexibility.

Confidence is trusting in your decisions, believing in your abilities, and accepting  your limitations. Confident people are magnets. They give off a magnetic energy that makes people feel really comfortable.

Yoga can help you, with your self- love! Turning up for yoga class itself, will boost your self-esteem and confidence and sends such a positive message to your heart and shows we care about ourselves in every way:

The MENTAL side.

On yoga journey, you will begin to see things in a new light. Yoga transforms you from the inside out—and typically in that order. You’ll begin the process of “waking up.” The process of becoming aware. The process of disconnecting from the ego.

The PHYSICAL side.

Yoga offers hundreds of asanas (postures) included in countless flows or sequences. Almost every pose lead to detoxification on some level. Detoxification encourages the purification of both the body and mind. This directly affects weight loss as it eliminates the stagnant junk in the body.


When the soul is awakened through yoga practice, the things, people, situations that used to please you just no longer cut it. Becoming in touch with yourself and your spiritual nature, makes you realize that life has deeper meaning. There is a much big picture need to be looked at. You come to understand that old  habits no longer serve your ultimate goal..and it’s time to eliminate your old ways, negative vibes and re-invent yourself.


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