Yoga for Surfers. Improve your surfing skills.

Surfing gives yogis an external experience of yoga. And yoga gives surfers a confidence on the board.

I’ve never met a surfer who said, “Yeah, I don’t need to do yoga. I never have any aches and pains, my lower back feels amazing and my hips are super supple!”

What I usually hear is that surfers want to do yoga but they don’t know what to do .

How are surf and yoga related?

Yoga complements surfing perfectly as it builds strength, flexibility and balance – key points out in the waves. The mental focus and the breathing learned in a Yoga class helps to reduce stress, which can come in very handy in big waves. Surfer’s muscles are constantly contracting while in the water and will benefit greatly from yoga, as it lengthens the muscles ant rig of tension in the body.

Incorporating yoga into your before and after surf routine you’ll find that you don’t have those aches, pains the next day.

Consistency of practice reveal similarities in surfing and yoga:

  • Yoga taps into the energy created from your body through the breath and poses.
  • Surfing taps into the flow and rhythm of the ocean.
  • Both are tapping into a flow of energy, making you mentally, physically (and spiritually) strong.

Yoga offers many benefits that will improve your surfing skills:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger core muscles
  • Better breathing techniques
  • Improved balance
  • More stamina
  • Greater mental focus
  • Restored and revitalized energy

So what are you waiting for? After all surfers are always open to a new challenge!

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